The Band

Experience Rock

The crew of Fat Stallion are pioneers of the "Experience Rock" genre: creating music that satisfies the heart and mind, all while proclaiming "unity over uniformity".

With a seemingly nonsensical, visually hilarious, and rather poetic band name, Fat Stallion’s music insists that something doesn’t have to be perfect, or the way you expect it to be, for it to bring a smile to your face. Take things for what they are, and practice understanding and appreciation.

Their refreshing revamp of their previous “indie pop/rock” identity represents an affinity for adaptation and new perspectives. Fat Stallion’s diverse influential makeup - ranging from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Gwen Stefani, Led Zeppelin, Tower of Power, and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few - is palpable in their no-limits kind of music.

Finding that ‘experience rock’ better suited their diversified, highly interactive sound, the band has since made it their artistic mission to spread their modern ideals of peace and love - because that’s what music does best.

With the release of their album “Diverted Eyes” in August of 2018, Fat Stallion has built a foundation upon which they plan to explore from, including a hip-hop project expected to release sometime in 2019.

Composing quality tunes first and foremost, Fat Stallion carefully crafts subtly complex moments of tonality and theatrics only to compliment their songs. Their music is certain to take the music scene by hold, with its positivity, charm, and eclecticism.

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