Light Goodfellow

Our philosopher and counselor, LIGHT (arguably the best drummer in the band) gives us the beat and vocals to our Fat Stallion sound.

LIGHT spends his free time woodworking and training in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu with JACK ELLIOTT and EMMA DAWN (when he's not shredding of course). LIGHT was born in Fort Collins, CO, but grew up in Laramie and Riverton, Wyoming. It was there that he began the journey of rhythmic enlightenment. He attended Central Wyoming College in 2010 and received an Associate's degree in the arts, and then transferred to Laramie, Wyoming. He met the rest of the band during a vocal rehearsal in the music building, offering his percussive expertise.


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Riley Wilkes

The cornerstone to the band as it is today, RILEY adds guitar and vocals to the Fat Stallion sound.

RILEY is the only member without traditional schooling in the sonic arts. He was born in Laramie, Wyoming and grew up in Kansas City, Kansas re-writing Beatles songs. In 2013, he moved to Laramie, Wyoming to study financial management. It was there that he met JACK ELLIOTT, and the two of them searched for the right musicians to add to the band. After several failed line-ups, they invited J LIGHT and EMMA DAWN to join the band, and the rest is history...


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Jack Elliott

A co-founder of the band, JACK ELLIOTT adds bass and vocals to the Fat Stallion sound, and produces most of the independent releases for the band.

JACK ELLIOTT was born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Originally a classically-trained cellist, he picked up guitar in 2007 with guidance from his father, who was a well-established Western/Swing player in the community. Being in and out of dozens of projects and bands over the course of his adolescence, JACK ELLIOTT eventually started to focus more on playing bass, both in local orchestras and personal musical projects. He produced a solo album, "En Rapport," chronicling this journey that he temporarily released in 2013 (good luck finding it though!). After that, he moved to Laramie, Wyoming to pursue a degree in Music Education, meeting RILEY through a mutual friend. The two of them put together various groups of musicians under various band names, until they came to the dream team: FAT STALLION.


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Emma Dawn

The smallest and most purple member of the crew, EMMA DAWN adds the trumpet, vocals, and keys (and whatever else is needed) to the Fat Stallion sound. 

EMMA DAWN was born in Rock Springs, Wyoming, where she was inspired by her Johnny Cash-loving grandfather at a young age. Singing in various choirs and playing violin in the orchestra, she found herself excelling with the trumpet in middle school. EMMA DAWN moved to Laramie, Wyoming in 2012 to pursue a Music Education degree at the University of Wyoming.  This was around the time that she started playing with Fat Stallion, and became an official member in May of 2015. She spends her non-musical time painting, drawing, knitting and crocheting, and enjoying the fishkeeping hobby.


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The Band

Experience Rock

The crew of Fat Stallion are pioneers of the "Experience Rock" genre: creating music that satisfies the heart and mind, all while proclaiming "unity over uniformity".

With a seemingly nonsensical, visually hilarious, and rather poetic band name, Fat Stallionโ€™s music insists that something doesnโ€™t have to be perfect, or the way you expect it to be, for it to bring a smile to your face. Take things for what they are, and practice understanding and appreciation.

Fat Stallionโ€™s diverse influential makeup - ranging from Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Gwen Stefani, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Tower of Power, and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few - is palpable in their no-limits kind of music.

Finding that โ€˜experience rockโ€™ suited their diversified, highly interactive sound, the band has since made it their artistic mission to spread their modern ideals of peace and love - because thatโ€™s what music does best.

With the release of their album โ€œDiverted Eyesโ€ in August of 2018, Fat Stallion has built a foundation upon which they plan to explore from, including their acoustic tendencies (Would, April โ€˜19) and a hip-hop project titled Quoth the Horse, August 2019.

Composing quality tunes first and foremost, Fat Stallion carefully crafts subtly complex moments of tonality and theatrics only to complement their songs. Their music is certain to take the music scene by hold, with its positivity, charm, and eclecticism.


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