Releasing music: The How and When

As we fly forward in time, how things work for for a musician change! 

Back only a few years ago, creating an entire album to release was a hugely important step for bands. In that time, a person would maybe be compelled to buy an entire CD from the music store after hearing a song on the radio that they really liked. Hopefully they would like the rest of the album too!

What is really neat about this digital time we are entering is that people can be much more picky and have access to so much more on a whim than they ever have before. 

This means:

  • Bands are no longer (more-or-less) obligated to fit themselves into an established genre in order to garner success. 
  • Bands are no longer only going to sell lesser-known songs on accident through bundling in an album. 

Each song released by a band stands its own chance on the internet, because the people who find and listen to each song have more power to promote a band than the mainstream music industry ever truly has.

Regardless of what is playing on the radio, new artists showing their music on SoundCloud, for example, finally stand a chance. Their listeners can save and share the music they LIKE, not just what they're exposed to by the mainstream media!


The short of this is: that people are finding and buying music differently now than they ever have. 

People can listen to a single song without wanting or needing the rest of an album. So...

Why sell in an album?

It takes longer to record an entire album. And frankly, people want their music now! Being able to release the same amount of songs over a longer period of time has shown over and over to be more beneficial for bands.

This way, audiences feel like they are getting more (because they are getting music more often). The consistency keeps interaction with a band alive, which is essential in ANY marketing strategy. 

What about Diverted Eyes?

Ok so, Diverted Eyes is getting released a little bit both ways. We hope you like the single we have already released! Ask, and two other singles, will come out ahead of our full-length 10-song album. 

As of right now, it is in our best interest to get as much content out and made available as we can manage!

With this strategy, we hope to build up hype for the album ahead of the release.  Then, we are going to (at most) be releasing music in EP's.  Plenty of singles as well, but honestly we enjoy being able to consistently share our work with you.

Our growth as individuals and as a band also, I believe, cannot be really shown in an album.  It just takes too much time!  We have already greatly surpassed the abilities we had when putting together Equine 1, and I'm sure our next project will also pale this upcoming album.

What's great about doing more consistent and smaller projects is that we will be able to grow with you and share more of our true selves with you with every release. We will be able to react more to what you like about us and want to see more of!

so anyway

Ask came out on 5/31, and our next single 1999 will release on 6/30! Then after that, our third single comes out 7/21, and finally the album on 8/11. Momentum!

We are so excited to share this all with you <3

As you know, we appreciate you guys so much. Without you, we wouldn't have much! From all of us in Fat Stallion-

Emma Dawn, Jack Elliott, Riley, and Light✌🐴❤