Collage Blog⌨

There's so much on my mind lately, I couldn't really decide what to talk about today! So here's a little bit of what's going on...

We got some new gear!

First, this week we got in a rad little screen printer! This will mean awesome new things for our merch, and while we love the bleach effect, this feels like growing up. Keep an eye out for some RAD new FS merch! 

Have an idea of something you'd like to see? Do you just REALLY NEED a crop hoodie of a horse head with our logo?Shoot us a message! We've got some ideas, but we would love the input. ;) Here's our unboxing video!

We ordered a screen printer to level up our merch abilities!

Light has been putting in the time to learn to use it as well! Yes, we are staying as Indie as possible ;)

Check out this screen printer here

While all that was happening, I went and ordered us a little something... A green screen with a professional light setup! This will be integral in our upcoming content for the album... (music videos, anyone?)

Here is the unboxing! :)

We decided to get into a little higher quality videoing and photography... Here's our new toy!

I have been learning so, so much about filming and effects in just a short amount of time! What an immense rabbit hole I've found!

So many cool things to help us on our way...

Diverted Eyes - The Album

Remember how I mentioned the album in the last blog? Well, this week, we finally laid our final tracks!

We wrapped up with some really amazing orchestral sounds and some fun gang vocals, which put our project on another level. We can't wait to show you!! Even though we must... Jack will be hard at work over the next month or so doing his magic mixing and mastering this huge project! 

These songs have been with us from the beginning, and finalizing this album marks the end of a Fat Stallion era, and the beginning of something new. We love our songs, but as we've grown our songwriting has (hopefully) only improved and evolved. 

Keep your eyes peeled, this album is only the start... ;)


Thank you so much for your continued support. Without you, we wouldn't have much! From all of us in Fat Stallion-

Emma Dawn, Jack Elliott, Riley, and Light ✌🐴❤