Unity over Uniformity! ✊

This week, as you may have noticed, we spent exploring the relationships of each of us in the band with the others.  I would like to recap what we wrote, and go over why this is so important to us! 


Light Goodfellow and Jack Elliott: a dynamic and beautiful duo of fantastic human beings that contribute much to our band. Sonically as bassist and drummer, they are the heartbeat that keeps us grounded and are a sure and solid foundation that allows for a perfect execution of our music.
They are well-rounded individuals and both enjoy going to their Jiu-Jitsu class several times a week, where they improve their physical well-being and learn self-defense, as well as many other things that pertain to obtaining a balanced, healthy, and well-rounded lifestyle.  They are a good team that will always have your back! We love having them with us!

(Written by Riley!)


The BA founders (more or less) of Fat Stallion! Pretty rad guys, Jack and Riley seem to have the energy of ten men split between them, looks like fine gentlemen and hearts of lions. Feel pretty lucky to be on the team with them.

(Written by Light!)


Emma and Light are two pieces of the raddest couple puzzle you’ve ever seen. Besides the (maybe obvious) fact that they are awesome musicians and contribute so unbelievably much to the music you hear from the Stallions, they are also super inspiring humans! The love they have for each other is pure and real, even when they disagree (or fight-yes it happens, though rarely) it is still with the utmost respect and understanding for each other. Maybe one day we all can learn to be a bit more like Light and Emma.

(Written by Jack!)


These two studs are maybe an unlikely friendship at a first glance, but our boys Light and Riley share a lot in common. Beyond being our bass voices in our Fat Stallion Choir, these two both grew up in an LDS household and share a love for firearms. Both Light and Riley spearheaded our mantra of loving those around us, and always valuing #unityoveruniformity 
Thank you guys for being such good role models and friends!

(Written by Emma!)


Jack Elliott and Emma Dawn! The windows of perspective these two give is an asset to Fat Stallion. The polarized approach they bring often leads to a better hybrid than where we started, musically and in how we communicate and work together moving forward. The openness to discussion and improvement makes us who we are. Love these guys a ton, keep it going!

(Written by Light!)


Riley and Emma are two different bridges to the same island. Always bringing new and wonderful ideas to the band, they are also the two that manage all the non-musical aspects of the band (marketing, promotion, business, and the like). Need a shoulder to lean on? These are your people!

(Written by Jack!)


As we've mentioned previously, how we interact with and treat each other is very important to us.  Before we are even a band we are a FAMILY.  We are friends with each other, and make a point to care for and about each other every day (not just the bad days).  For every person who thinks our ideals may be unrealistic, we want to have a counterpoint, an experience to show them!  

Choose to love the people around you to the best of your ability, and you will be amazed at how quickly your environment will change (for the better!).  At the very least, it makes each of us happy.  We just want to share that. ❤ just remember, #unityoveruniformity !

We hope you had a love-filled Valentine's Day, and a wonderful week.  Thoughtfully and respectfully from all of us in Fat Stallion -

Emma Dawn, Jack Elliott, Riley, and Light ✌🐴❤