Two More Days!!!πŸŽ‰


Alright everyone, the time is almost here! In two more days, Prospect will finally be available for online purchase. I have to say, there are a lot of emotions happening right now. 

This week has already been off as far as our regularly-scheduled content goes, and I'm sure everyone feels the lack of motivation that happens during that week of craziness between Christmas and New Years. What day is it? Should I be doing something? Nobody knows. 

With that being said, this week's post will be a little different than our single-topic posts. But I mean, what IS normal anyway? 

Jack did an amazing job stitching together our holiday video for this week, and we'd love to share it with you.


With a combined 45 hours of travel time, lots of love, and even one car crash, we had quite the weekend. We're happy to all be back at the Corral, to say the least, if a little worn from the experience. It's been difficult to remember that we're still supposed to be working! 

Now it's just time to prep for the release party, and keep on recording.

Have I mentioned that we've started the recording process for our long-awaited album, Diverted Eyes? 

Because that is totally happening (get hyped! But please buy Prospect too πŸ˜‚)

- - -

Until Monday comes, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend full of love and relaxation and contemplation for the new year. And on Monday, get ready to party and share some awesome music with your family and friends (that's what we'll be doing, anyway!)! 

We appreciate you all endlessly, and hope that you enjoy what we've worked so hard to provide❀

From all of us in Fat Stallion-

Emma Dawn, Jack Elliott, Riley, and Light ✌🐴❀