Look on the Bright Side ✨

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The holidays are here upon us, and we've been thinking a lot about the relationships we have with those around us.  This week might be a little stray from the normal blog path, but I feel it will be (hopefully) important nonetheless.

Relationships are hard.

There's no way around it, not every interaction with every person in your life will be good.  Humans have a funny way of letting emotions, a very important part of our humanity, get in the way of creating a positive situation.  People aren't usually just jerks because they enjoy making people feel bad (even if they say they do).  

It's important to remember, when interacting with those around you, that not all humans are having a good time.  They may be so upset that they unintentionally take it out on those around them who are undeserving, which can be hurtful and hard to process.  How are you supposed to respond to someone you love being wrongfully negative towards you?

This can come in many forms:  emotional outbursts over something unimportant, long-term criticism, an inability to see the positive around them.  But what on earth can you do?

Leave them.

As surprising as this might sound, this is always an option.  You never, NEVER, have to keep someone in your life if they are toxic.  There is a balance, and if someone who is in your life consistently brings you down, you have the right to decide to remove them from your life.  This goes back to what we talked about in the Balance blog, you NEED to take care of yourself before you can effectively help others. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help in this decision,

no one said it was an easy one.  But at the end of the day, your happiness and well-being is  more important. 

or you can...

Love them regardless.

Do what you can.  Usually someone who is being negative has negative feelings they are trying to sort through and understand.  I have found that any time my family has done something negative or hurtful that there was always an underlying reason, and just being there for them to help them through their negativity has brought me closer to them.  Understanding that not everything is about you, even when it is TO you. 

Love is a choice.

People have a strange idea about how family and relationships work, like everything will always happen like you expect them to and nothing strange will ever happen.  Unfortunately living is more real than that. 

In order to develop strong, healthy relationships with the people around you, you have to continue to love them and care for them even when they do things that you don't like.  Every person has free will, and things WILL happen.  This is a fact.  And your choice to continually love those around you will only benefit you and your own happiness as well as theirs.  

This holiday season, tensions may be high.  But the reason for gathering and celebrating is to be with one another and love each other.  Your choice to acknowledge the positives in any situation and persevere through the negatives will teach those around you as well.


With all this, we hope that you have an amazing holiday season.  Remember to breathe, and love. 

-Emma Dawn, Jack Elliott, Riley, and Light✌🐴❤