Being successful as a performing group!🐴

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This week, we starting sharing with you what kinds of things that we do to keep our band successful!

First off, yes, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND HAVING A DAY JOB, even if you are literally Prince's reincarnation. You simply cannot succeed if you do not take care of your base life, even if you can shred with the best of them. Where are you going to rehearse if you don't pay the rent?

I know that you know that the four of us are pretty diverse people, so let's get to it!

Light, as you might imagine as a philosopher and guide, is a carpenter. He works building cabinets here in Colorado, at the largest manufacturer in the state! Light knew he loved working with wood early on, and has been building furniture for us here at the Space Corral for quite some time. Check out his Instagram page for some shots of his work. Light tells us he was inspired by his Grandpa Goodfellow, who left behind several pieces of woodworking for his family to use through the generations. 

Riley is a school bus driver!  He spends his mornings delivering the locals' children to their respective schools.  But don't worry, Riley always makes a point to share some great music with the future generation when he can.  Send him some music suggestions and support him on his Instagram and Facebook pages!

Emma Dawn earns her keep by taking care of fish at a local fish store and aquarium in downtown Loveland called Poseidon's.  As the Freshwater Expert, she manages and maintains over 30 stock and display tanks, as well as advising other fishkeepers on how to better their hobby.  You can see some awesome pictures of her projects on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Jack Elliott spends half of his week managing a private studio of ukulele players, guitarists, cellos, and string bassists, as well as directing a youth orchestra up in Wyoming.  He works through Maue Music Studios, for all of this, and has an amazing impact on so many young musicians.  When he's not up there, he spends his time running our studio here at the Space Corral, working on either our own projects or with other independent artists.

Once you have your cornerstones placed, then you can focus on your own musical success!  There are a few things to think about beyond actually making the music...

  • Meeting people!  Riley is a people-person at his finest, and so who better to make our first impressions for us?  Riley is our band ambassador, getting us in touch with all the pertinent people including radio stations, newspapers, venues, etc.  Being polite and friendly gets you further than you might imagine!
  • Creating content!  Light has been spending his time directing and editing video content for promotional marketing, something that without you can't get far!  Having artistic talent beyond just making music is essential for independent growth.
  • Social media!  Emma Dawn spends her time managing the band's online presence, from our social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc.), to editing and upgrading the website.  She has also been coaching the guys on how to excel on their personal pages, they've been kicking butt!
  • Making the music!  While not entirely essential for every musician or group, it sure doesn't hurt to have one of your own mix and master your own recordings.  Jack Elliott has really found his path with us as our personal indie producer, you can hear his work on our EP Equine 1.  Keep an ear out for our future projects, including Equine 2 and our long-awaited full length album Diverted Eyes.

We really hope that you found this interesting and/or helpful, so please let me know your thoughts and comments down below!  And let me know you took the time to read by leaving a like!  You guys are literally the best, and we're so excited to have you with us.

Thoughtfully and respectfully from all of us in Fat Stallion-

Emma Dawn, Jack Elliott, Riley, and Light ✌🐴❤